Chakra Cleansing

Chakra Cleansing

Chakras are swirling cone-shaped vortexes containing bundles of nerves and major organs that allow Lifeforce Energy to flow into and out of your system. The body, mind and emotions rely on this energy to function properly and maintain our psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being for ultimate good health.  When Chakras are closed or out of balance or blocked it leads to illness in the body and imbalance in your life.

Healing - 30 Minutes


Healing - Reiki, Chakra Cleanse, Crystal Healing. Crystal Sound Therapy, drumming

Pamper - 2 Hours


Pamper - full relaxation massage with additional healing of choice.

Relaxation + Healing - 90 Minutes


Relaxation Massage - full back, back of legs, front, arms and head. Healing with Reiki and crystal bowl. 1.5 hours

All prices are inclusive of GST

Chakra Cleansing

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