Crystal Healing &

    Sound therapy

Revive with Crystal Healing

&  Sound Therapy

As crystals conduct light and colour, they naturally bring a ‘lightness’ into your being. 

Sound Therapy involves using the pure sound generated by crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gong, tuning fork, voice and other instruments to produce a deep vibrational  healing and relaxation that can activate and transform the physical, emotional and mental body.  

Everyone’s experience is individual, though you may experience any of these effects:

Crystal Healing and Sound Therapy Effects:

Physically  – relief from aches and pains, more energy, a de-toxification, restful sleep
Mentally –  relief from stress, calmness, clarity, more focus
Emotionally – a release of “old” emotions, a sense of well being, balance
Spiritually – a “lightness” and feeling more connected and a sense of purpose

Healing Treatment

Healing Treatment - may consist of one or more of guided meditation, reiki energy healing, chakra cleanse, crystal healing, sound therapy - gong, singing bowls, voice and chant as well as shamanic drumming.  Each healing treatment is unique to the client and can have a profound effect.

You are in a safe and loving environment:

If you have never had a healing treatment before it is important to be fully relaxed, to feel safe and to trust!

For your first treatment it is often best to book a relaxation massage with a healing treatment.  The massage will have you feeling very relaxed and comfortable with Donna who will then lead you into the healing session.

To book an appointment:

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Crystal Healing &

Sound Therapy

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